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Formed in 1996, Furness Model Boat club is the most recent re-incarnation of a long history of model boat clubs and associations in the Barrow area.
A couple of our club members in residence
2014 Dates for your diary:


18th May
Full Regatta

29th June
Full regatta

17th Aug
Full Regatta

7th September
Sub day


(more entries to come shortly)

Our sailing waters are located in Barrow in Furness Park lake, where we have a clubhouse with hot drinks and a chat always available.
                                                                                Barrow Park Lake

Barrow Park Lake, viewed from alongside our club house.

Hints and tips.
Do you want to drill a hole to a set depth? The easy way is to slide a piece of plastic tube over the drill, adjust the drill in the chuck until the exposed drill  length is the same as the hole depth required.
Get a cheap set of digital verniers, grind one leg shorter than the other, put a point on it and you have an accurate marking out tool.
Do you want to use LED lighting on your boat? This useful LED wizard will do the sums for you.

Trying to convert one scale to another? This will help you out.
Lots of unit conversions here
Membership fees:

Adult: 15
Junior: 7.50
Family: 22.50

Public liability insurance, included in the membership fees, is subject to terms and conditions displayed in the clubhouse.
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